Assignment #5

February 23, 2009 at 2:52 am (Uncategorized)

his website can be seen here:

Art Wolfe was born in 1951in Seattle. He went to the University of Washington and graduated with a degree in fine arts and education. He began his own publishing company, Wildlands Press, under which he published his work The Living Wild among others. His books have garnered many independent awards. He quickly became a premiere photographer of wildlife and native cultures and won many awards for that work as well. He would also explore television with his PBS series “Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge.” To continue the pattern he again won awards for that show on its very first season. He continues to travel and work while living out of Seattle where he was born. His website can be seen here:

I could not find titles for the following pieces so here they will all be called untitled, although I am not sure that that is the case.

Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe C2009

This picture is stunning. The composition clearly follows the rule of thirds. The emphasis on the seal in the bottom left portion of the picture is created because it breaks the pattern made by the rocks, ocean, and sky. by using a smaller aperture he gets everything in great focus. Beyond that the colors are breathtaking which I would say, after looking at his work, is one of his hallmarks. He uses color to show us the beauty of the natural world, and his hope is after getting us to appreciate that beauty that we will try harder not to destroy it.

Art Wolf C2009

Art Wolf C2009

This photo is very different in that there is a larger aperture so  there is a smaller depth of field. This focuses us on the man in the center of the frame who is in crisp focus. Because he is staring strait at us he seems to be questioning us, speaking to us, he seems as aware of us as we are of him. The focus is in the center of the picture, however because of the figure out of focus on our left there is still informal balance, and our eyes slide quickly from that figure to the center.

Art Wolfe C2009

Art Wolfe C2009

Here again we see a larger aperture and smaller depth of field. Despite the fact that she is off to the side of the frame I would say the focal point is her eyes. This makes the focal point again in the center. Art Wolfe uses this sort of central composition a lot. Despite the rules we discussed in class he often has an even more clearly center focused composition than this one. His figures seem to confront us and make us deal with them, this makes some of his portraiture photography very powerful. Here we follow the two figures eye-lines out of frame and down following the lines create by their necklaces. This left me wondering what they were looking at and what existed beyond the frame.

This is the image I chose to attempt to imitate, and I would like to thank Kyoko and Toji for helping me out.

Kyoko and Toji

Kyoko and Toji


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