Assignment #7

March 17, 2009 at 10:48 pm (Uncategorized)

I took two separate berries from my first picture, some twigs from the second and fourth and made it look like the twigs were enclosing around the berries. I then added some flowers from my last picture. I used the burn tool to add shadows on the berries where the twigs touched so it would look like they were actually on the berries.  I couldn’t get the twigs to wrap around the berries like I wanted so I had to distort them and compile bits of twigs from different pictures into one twig. Then I took flowers from the last picture and I changed the color of the flowers so they wouldn’t harshly clash with the berry.

I wanted to make a picture that could at first just seem to be a real picture from nature, but after a second one realizes that plants don’t grow like that and then becomes interested in this semi-fantastical image. That’s why I added the text in the bottom right which is also a reference to my original comment on the first essay. I also thought it was cool because the twigs sort of look like hands.

Clutching - Luke Taylor

Clutching - Luke Taylor


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